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Services & Repairs

Arrowhead Music is a repair / service center for guitars, basses, amplifiers, PA gear, keyboards, band instruments (director-approved brands only), and more. We are also a warranty center for Fender, Ibanez, Vox, Yamaha, Peavey products and more. Prices vary, and we reserve the right to refuse servicing certain brands and repairs.

Our stringed instrument repair department has more than 20 years of experience, and completes most repairs in 7 days or less!!!
Our in-house band instrument tech has more than 40 years experience, and completes most repairs within 48 hours!!!

We also have a very knowledgable audio staff that can help design, install and maintain your audio system in your church, office, school and more!!!


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Sample Prices:


We do not service instruments with Gaspari or other geared pegs.
Guitars with robotic tuners +$10



Install / Replace Guitar Pots
$20 & Up + Parts
Install / Replace Pickups
$20 & Up + Parts Per Pickup
Install / Replace Pickup Switch
$20 & Up + Parts
Install 6-String Guitar / 4-String Bass Nut
$60 + Strings + Parts (Setup Included)
Install Mandolin / 12-String Guitar Nut
$30 + Strings + Nut + Setup
Install Plastic or Bone Saddle
$10 & Up + Saddle + Setup
Install Tuning Machines (Set)
$10 & Up + Parts + Strings
Install Violin / Viola Bridge
Install / Replace Output Jack
$10 & Up + Parts
Restring 6-String Guitar & Bass
$10 + Strings
Restring 12-String Guitar
$15 + Strings
Restring Bigsby / Floyd Rose
$20 + Strings
Restring Classical Guitar
$15 + Strings
Restring Dulcimer
$7 + Strings
Restring Mandolin / Banjo
$15 + Strings
Restring Ukulele
$10 + Strings
Restring Violin / Viola
Rewire / Unspecified Electronic Work
$60/Hour + Parts
Sand Violin / Viola Pegs
Setip 12-String Guitar
$50 + Strings
Setup Acoustic 6-String Guitar
$30 + Strings
Setup Bass
$30 & Up + Strings
Setup Electric 6-String Guitar (Hard Tail)
$40 + Strings
Setup Guitar w/ Bigsby
$50 + Strings
Setup Guitar w/ Locking Tremlo
$60 + Strings
Soundpost - Cut & Install
Soundpost - Set Existing
Tune Melody Harp

Actual repair prices may vary

Arrowhead Music is also a drop-off center for RAINBOW GUITAR REPAIR.
Rainbow Guitar Repair can be contacted at:
440-944-2530 or


We have a professional in-house wind instrument repair tech that works on most band director-approved brands of instruments. Prices of repairs vary. Most repairs are completed the same week.



Bath & acid-dip lacquered trumpet
$40 (stuck slides extra)
Bath & acid-dip silver trumpet
$70 (stuck slides extra)
Pull stuck mouthpiece

Actual repair prices may vary


Arrowhead Music has a very knowledgeable and experienced staff for pro-audio equipment, installation, consultation, and repairs.

Call to set up an appointment.